Did you know that 91% of consumers look online before making purchasing decisions?

And now, every click, every search, every tweet is an opportunity to engage your customers and reach new prospects.

What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising. It helps you grow your business because it provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

Get the Right Tools for Online Marketing Success

Whether you are starting out fresh, or need to fix an existing Internet marketing strategy - our online marketing services include all the tools you need for a successful marketing campaign. Looking for Search Engine Marketing or other marketing solutions? You've come to the right place.

We understand where you are coming from. You want more sales, better-qualified leads, and greater visibility. And, you don’t have any more extra hours in the day to make it happen. We can help. Computer Doctors is an award winning full-service web marketing and digital PR firm dedicated to providing turn-key services for businesses and organizations looking for more leads, higher online visibility, and a better brand reputation.

We serve clients around the world and across industries. We work with everyone from non-profits, to small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients recognize that the web today is an extremely powerful tool that can help skyrocket their organization.

And, we learned a long time ago, that true ROI comes when all facets of marketing work together. Social media, SEO, web design, PR…all of it has to come together to drive results. We don’t believe in creating empty websites that can’t generate leads or in designing meaningless campaigns. We believe in creating comprehensive strategies and implementing them with consistency. That’s what makes our clients really shine.

And, let’s just say when we say full-service, we mean it. We can serve as your full-service marketing department or offer piecemeal services. With some clients, we work closely with their CMOs to deploy custom campaigns. With other clients, we work directly with the founders. Every client is different, and we don’t believe in one-size fits all. We customize our game plan based on your needs.

Whether you are looking for a capable, full service marketing team to handle all your digital marketing efforts or for piecemeal services, like a social media marketing campaign, or a better converting website – you are in the right place.

How to Make Your Internet Marketing Strategies Successful

Do you notice how most entrepreneurs are starting to use the Internet to promote their business? Well, this is not really surprising considering the obvious popularity of Internet among people regardless of the age group. With this, it is recommendable for you to start marketing your business in the Internet as well. For sure, you will gain more success since you are bringing your company – your products or services closer to your target audience. However, it is best to learn some tips on how to launch successful Internet marketing campaigns. This will help especially entrepreneurs who are new to this field:

Make sure to portray good image for your company – your primary concern is the image of your company. Therefore, you should not launch anything on the Internet unless you are 100 percent satisfied with it. For example, you are not very comfortable in building websites then what you should do is hire someone who is expert in the field. You cannot risk the image of your company by trying to launch a site that is not well planned and executed. Also, be sure to proofread everything on the site to avoid any types of error that can cause harm to your image.

Set up a blog – besides launching an official website for your business, it would also be great to set up a blog. On this blog, you could address your audience on a more personal level. You could also launch contests and other gimmicks to make the audience more engaged. A blog is also a good venue to make certain announcements for your products or services.

Learn about SEO to boost the success of your campaign – are you familiar with SEO or search engine optimization? Well, this is the key to reaching your target audience. If your product or company is relatively new and small then you might have to work double to tap your target audience. With the help of SEO, you could find appropriate keywords for your website and eventually find a way to target your desired group of audience. You could seek help from SEO experts to boost your website’s ranking and traffic.

Be active in various social media networks – as you probably noticed social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are so powerful because many people are part of these networks. Therefore, you should go where the people are. Make sure to make your company visible in various social media networks.

Monitor the response of your audience – lastly, to measure the success of your campaigns, it is very important that you monitor the responses of the audience. You can get ideas from their responses and most importantly, you would know about their views and opinions about your products or services.

Using the Internet to promote your products or services is definitely a good idea. However, you should know that this does not guarantee success most especially if you will not follow the tips mentioned in this article. It is very important to remember that Internet is so big and it can be very viral so you should be responsible with all the information and statements that you will be releasing. It is easy to hit post or publish but once you do then you should be sure that you can stand by it or else you will lose your credibility and you do not want that to happen but of course.

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