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All of our website design packages come with 2 years of free website hosting, 1 year of free site maintenance and 2 years of free domain name registration....Hosting is only $9.99 a month once the two free years is up...Computer Doctors trusts Go-Daddy to host all of its clients websites on a dedicated server with 24/7 tech support.

We are an experienced affordable web hosting provider offering business web hosting, corporate hosting, email hosting solutions and dedicated servers. Our Linux or windows based web hosting services with fast reliable connectivity, quality customer support and cPanel control panel have been used by hundred of customers. Please do not hesitate to ask us for references. All of our websites are hosted on a dedicated server provided by Go-Daddy.

All clients have 24 hour 7 day a week support should the need arise. Our Linux or windows based web hosting services with fast reliable connectivity, quality customer support and cPanel control panel have been used by hundred of customers. Please do not hesitate to ask us for references.

Our reliable and affordable web hosting plans are Linux based and provide you with the most reasonably priced, user friendly and support oriented business web hosting solutions. Linux hosting has been the tried and trusted choice for a long time and not much needs to be said about the unparalleled reliability, speed and functionality of Linux web hosting. Our industrial grade servers connected with multi-homed high speed backbones in USA create a truly robust business web hosting platform for you.

When thinking about putting up a business and running it on the web, make sure to be aware of how to get the best server that would have to host the business better. Nowadays, web hosting has become tremendous and web hosting organizations are offering different marketing strategies   to convince whoever   is trying the services. How a web   hosting organization    provides   their services will determine the success of the s business on the internet market.  So it is important to find out which host who is reliable  and who can be depended. Speed and reliability: This is one of the essential considerations for any reliable web host.  There is no customer who will be in a mood of loading a site that crawls for a single hour.  If this happens a customer will have to try another site.  So it is better to the web hosting company will keep up and prevent loosing potential customers other than gaining them. Better web hosting companies to not limit if no down time.  Find a hosting company that wills multiple users at the same it has a faster speed.

Excellent series of the customers:  Best web hosting companies have excellent offers after making sales services to clients when the web experiences some technical issues.   The host should be in a position to provide technical maintenance and support in 24/7; mostly during or server failures.  Emails, phone or chart services have to be ready any time.

cPanel and Dreamweaver Web Hosting Control Panel

We offer cPanel and Dreamweaver control panels with all our "Linux Hosting Plans" to help you manage your web site. It provides an intuitive business hosting interface that allows creating e-mail accounts, changing passwords of your POP e-mail accounts, updating content, setting up FTP accounts, generating site visitor reports / graphs, creating password protected directories, setting up cron jobs, managing MySQL databases etc. with simple clicks. Online free web hosting video tutorials for cPanel and Dreamweaver are available upon request. We also offer a free one-on-one tutorial after your 1 year of free revisions has expired. If you choose to use our services, we sell Site Maintenance Service that starts at $15.00 per hour, purchased in blocks of 10 hours. (previous clients only).

Our Quality Assurance

Our unending focus is on harnessing the best of marketing, strategic and technical skills for development of customer-oriented, innovative and affordable "Web Hosting Computer Doctors", "Website Design Computer Doctors" and "SEO Computer Doctors" Solutions. "Timely implementation of high quality workmanship" and "quality service at reasonable prices" are our major strengths. Develop a working business relationship with our company and experience our Quality Customer Service firsthand.



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